Alberta Cancer Foundation invests $11 million to improve breast cancer screening across the province
Purchase of two mobile screening vans and site based mammography units funded by Weekend to End Breast Cancer events

Video tour of new mobile screening vans

Twila Stafford, breast cancer survivor and WEBC participant, on the mobile screening vans

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Media Contacts:
Jackson Wightman
The Weekend to End Breast Cancer
T: 866 324 2939

Sean Capri
Alberta Cancer Foundation
T: 780 616 5164

  • The Alberta Cancer Foundation committed $11 million raised through its 2006 - 2009 Weekend to End Breast Cancer events in Edmonton and Calgary to accelerate access to leading edge digital mammography technology for Alberta women.
  • The $11 million includes two mobile screening units that will visit 100 rural communities annually and screen more than 25,000 women.
  • The $11 million investment also covers digital mammography equipment for the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, the Screen Test mammography centre at Kingsway Garden Mall in Edmonton and the Screen Test mammography centre at the Holy Cross in Calgary.

  • The mobile mammography units will visit 100 rural Alberta communities each year and screen more than 25,000 Alberta women.
  • Digital mammography offers better screening for women under 50 or women with dense breast tissue.
  • Software applications allow the radiologists to manipulate images for better views.
  • Mammograms can detect breast cancers up to two years before they can be found through physical exams.
  • The mobile mammography units also have an exam room that in future may be used to screen other cancers such as cervical and colorectal.
  • The mobile mammography units may also offer a drop off point for participants in the Tomorrow Project, an epidemiology research study funded by the Alberta Cancer Foundation.
  • The travel stickers on the mobile mammography units were designed by Jode Thompson of Millarville, Alberta.

  • These trailers are larger than life and make early detection not only accessible but inviting. Women across the province will have access to this life-saving service thanks to thousands of participants and donors of our Weekends to End Breast Cancer. (Linda Mickelson, CEO, Alberta Cancer Foundation)
  • We had a lot of fun with the design of these trailers and made them look like old fashioned travelling trunks. This reflects the old days when doctors made house calls. The only difference is this call includes the most advanced mammogram technology. (Dr. Laura McDougall Medical Lead of Alberta Breast Cancer Screening Program for Alberta Health Services)
  • I'm very excited to see this service available to women in small towns. Its so empowering as a woman to know the money we raised in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer is going towards something so amazing. (Twila Stafford, breast cancer survivor and participant in the Edmonton Weekend to End Breast Cancer)

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer takes place in Calgary on July 25-26, 2009 and in Edmonton on August 8-9, 2009. Prior to the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, the Alberta Cancer Foundation provided roughly $300,000 annually for breast cancer research in Alberta. Thanks to outstanding participant and donor support, Weekend to End Breast Cancer funding has resulted in the investment of more than $20 million in breast cancer research and programming in just four years.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation is the charitable foundation of the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and 15 other cancer centres throughout Alberta. The Foundation supports world-class cancer research, province-wide prevention and screening initiatives and cancer programs that benefit all Albertans.


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