About The Event

 Be part of a life-changing, world-changing event - The Weekend to End Breast Cancer benefiting the . During one amazing weekend, you will unite with thousands of women and men to walk, fighting all women's cancers, step by step. You’ll raise at least $2,000 for the full unforgettable 2-day, 60km walk or $1,250 for the 1-day 30km walk to benefit the and the Cross Cancer Institute. And in one weekend, you will do something amazing. You will make a change in yourself, in your community and in the world. Take that first step: click here or call and register.

The Bigger and Bolder Weekend

In 2009, The Weekend journey is becoming bigger and bolder after listening to dedicated Walkers! 

Fighting all women’s cancers, step by step.
Some of you have been asking why just breast cancer?  The answer has been simple.  Breast cancer impacts 1 in 9 women in their lifetime and that number is just too high. But new research is starting to find links between breast and gynecological cancers.  In Canada, in 2007 there were over 8,000 new cases of women’s cancers including cervical, endometrial, and ovarian. Funding for these cancers is now also critical to our fight.  So why not expand the power of The Weekend to include all women’s cancers?  With the dollars you raise during The Weekend, these numbers can be lowered, and one day eliminated. 

It’s important to be clear on this point, though, The Weekend will be the same amazing event it has always been.  Only now, new registrants will be able to choose the destination of their donor funds: breast cancer or other women’s cancers.  But that's not all of our big news! 

The Weekend Lite
Let your friends and family know that if they want to join you, they can now choose between walking the epic two days or a brand new 1-day distance.  1-Day Walkers will leave with you on Saturday morning and walk along the route all the way to Camp.  There, they’ll receive a big welcome and be provided transportation back to the start of the route.  Throughout their whole day, they’ll receive the same great support, including hydration, lunch, and medical attention if they need it.  In other words, the new 1-day option is a Weekend “Lite” for those people who’d like to ease into our journey.  But make no mistake, after they experience the joy of Saturday, they’ll likely be ready to graduate to the full two days that you are walking! 

Just view our Event Comparison Chart below to learn more and see how you can participate in The Weekend. Click on image below for printable version.

Day Zero Moving Online!
We are moving the Day Zero check-in process online. So what does this enhancement mean to you?

  • Viewing the Safety Video, completing your waiver, signing up for a tent assignment, and reserving a shuttle will now all take place online in the comfort of your own home or office.  The online check-in will be required in order to walk as there will not be a Friday “in person” Day Zero (except for Crew).
  • Once you have completed the online check-in, your credential and all other materials you’ll need for the event will be mailed to you.
  • Instead of trying to squeeze the “old” Day Zero in between a day at the office and picking up the kids, you’ll now have more time to take it easy on Friday night and rest up (and carb up!) for your epic journey starting bright and early Saturday morning.
  • And speaking of the kids, KidsK will now be on Saturday afternoon, at Camp.  If you’ve already signed up your mini-walkers, please note the date change.  If they’re not yet registered, but you’re interested in teaching your children the importance of giving back, just visit KidsK.org!

This online Day Zero will be made available in the weeks prior to the event.  So stay tuned for more details as we get closer to your big weekend.  In the meantime, please disregard the Day Zero information in the event materials you’ve received and call your coaches if you have any questions.

If you’re a member of our crew you will still need to attend the all crew meeting on Friday.  More detailed information to come.



    The Weekend to End Breast Cancer: A Weekend of Achievements

    Day One (Saturday) - We’ll commemorate those we've lost and celebrate the lives we’re saving during the Opening Ceremony at sunrise. Then it’s time to walk 30 beautiful kilometres! Afterwards at Camp, participants that are walking both days can enjoy a relaxing massage, medical TLC if you need it, a hot shower, a hot meal, a little entertainment, and a campout.

    Day Two (Sunday) - After breakfast, you’ll knock out another 30km on the way to the finish line, where your family, friends and a cheering crowd await. Then, the Closing Ceremony will honour what you and your fellow Walkers have just done in the fight to end breast cancer and other women's cancers.

    Your Dollars at Work

    Learn More about how the money you raise will help the today to fund new breast cancer research, screening and care programs throughout the province.    

    Team Up

    Form a team with friends, family members, co-workers and others to multiply your impact.  

    Raise Money

    Fundraise far and beyond your $2000 minimum with our tried-and true tips and techniques. Repeat Walkers, find special advice for going back to your past donors.    

    Start Training

    Check the training walk schedule or volunteer to become a Training Walk Leader yourself! Get your Weekend to End Breast Cancer Handbook and Calendar out, see the recommended training and stretches, and discover how to build up your training from a walk around the block to 60km!   

    Call us at or email us at to ask questions and to get registered.


    Alberta Cancer Foundation's KidsK™ - Saturday of The Weekend to End Breast Cancer

    KidsK Have you ever wanted the kids in your life to experience the same sense of accomplishment you get from The Weekend? Get your kids signed up for the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s KidsK - a 2.5km/5km fun walk for kids ages 5-15. REGISTER YOUR KIDS TODAY FOR KidsK! Call or visit kidsk.ca.