To create a team after you are already registered as an individual participant, you need to call or email The Ride office and they will happily do it for you. Just give your first and last name, tell them that you are already registered as an individual and that you want to become a team captain, and what the team name is. Don’t worry, you can change your team name later if you want, but you need to give a name to begin with.

Asking others to join you for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is an excellent way to stay motivated and have a much greater impact.  When you ask for a donation, you may get $50 or $100.  But, when you ask someone to join you for The Weekend that’s more for the cause — at least $2,000 if they sign up for the 2-day walk, or $1,250 if they decide to do the 1-day walk. Whether you’re a Walker or a Crew Member, building a team is easy.  And the best part is that training, fundraising and the walk itself become easier and more fun with a team to support you.

You can find team members almost anywhere.  Ask friends and family by telling them about the event, the cause, and why it's important that THEY do this walk. Talk to your human resources director and put together a team of your co-workers.  Or, invite your neighbours and other people in your area to join you.  If you’ve already registered, your friends can find your team on the website and click to join your existing team, or call us at  and we'll register you over the phone. If you haven’t registered, you can register yourself and your team at the same time by selecting “Start a Team” and when the Team Captain is registered, then click “Join a Team” for the rest of the team members.

Looking for more team members? Ask us about the Shared Walker List and find fellow Walkers in your area.

Important: Each team member must raise his or her own minimum individual fundraising requirement of $2,000 for the 2-day walk or $1,250 for the 1-day walk.  A donation can only be attributed to one participant’s donation account.  We cannot split donations between team members.

Donation Forms Made Easy for Teams

Once you have your team in place, we want to give you all the tools you may need to make asking for donations easier.  There are two types of donation forms below that you can easily link to, print, and use to ask for donations.   

  • Team Donation Form - for donors to make multiple individual donations to any number of members in a team within one easy form.  Please note, single donations to an individual on a team cannot be split after donations are made.
  • General Donation Form - for donors to make a single donation to one walker.