Training Walks

To help you build your fitness and endurance for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, we organize hundreds of volunteer-led training walks of varying lengths and difficulties.  It’s a great way to get in shape and connect with your community of Walkers.  We post the schedule of training walks below. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the fresh air and good company. In the event of bad weather, contact the walk leader to find out if it has been cancelled.

If you are interested in being a Training Walk Leader, call us at (780) 424-WALK(9255) or click here to sign up. As a Training Walk Leader you'll just tell us what time and place you want to meet at and we'll post it on the website for Walkers to see and RSVP to. Then show up 5 minutes early to your walk and lead the pack on a beautiful outing.


Click the image to hear one Walker's training advice

When There's a Chill in the Air...

Training in the chilly months can be just as doable as in the spring when you stick to your guns and decide, "I'm going to walk today". Try the treadmill at your gym, or walk the length of your local mall and back. It helps to have friends who add to the fun and buddy up with you!

Training Walk Schedule

Date:Every Tuesday Starting June 30, 2009 (Rain or Shine)
City/Area:Edmonton-Hawrelak Park
Meeting Time:7:15-7:30
Meeting Place:First large parking lot. Look for pink signs with the classic pink ribbon on them
Distance:between 5km to 10km
Restrooms: Hawrelak Park and halfway through
Level of Difficulty:Moderate

Date:Saturday July 18, 2009
City/Area: Edmonton North West
Meeting Time: 7:15-7:30am
Meeting Place: 12735 89 Street
Distance: 20km
Please Call Bernie Chalifoux for more information (780)476-1491

Suggested Training Guidelines

It will take time to prepare for The Weekend, but with the proper training anyone can walk 60km in two days or about 30km in one day. We want to share our Suggested Training Guidelines with you. This guide is an ideal plan that you can follow as far out as twenty four weeks before the event.  If this plan doesn't fit into your schedule, please don't get discouraged! Just do as much as you can and do it consistently.

Select Suggested Training Guidelines to print your guide and start walking today! 


Stretching regularly before and after your training walks and workouts will help you attain and maintain flexibility. This will have tremendous payoffs for you during The Walk - muscle pain, stiffness, injuries, and fatigue will all be lessened.

Select here to see the stretches that should be incorporated into your weekly training schedule.